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1970 - The Early Days

The TURBOSOUND story unofficially begins in the days when men were men, and sound reinforcement was a truckload of AC30’s and a wall of bulky bins stretching as far as the eye could see. Tony Andrews was one of the first to seriously question the accepted thinking that live music could never sound the way a band and its record producer had heard it. And with a little divine inspiration, egged on partly by the heady exploratory air of the Glastonbury Free Festivals (later to become major TURBOSOUND showcases) he set out to prove the theory wrong.

Turbo 1

1978-81 – TURBOSOUND LTD is Born

By 1978 – which is when the official story begins – Tony Andrews had met Tim Isaac and joined forces with John Newsham, a respected sound engineer, to form TURBOSOUND. They began designing, building and renting out their innovative speaker systems.

At the same time, Alan Wick and partner Mark Hardy were running the successful Muscle Music rental company in London. By 1980, market demand was such that they were sub-hiring in most of their equipment – and it was TURBOSOUND’s systems that caught their attention.

By mid-1981, the two companies had done enough business together to realize the potential of a merger; and brought together their respective design and marketing skills to form the TURBOSOUND Group Ltd.

As a result of the merger, and realizing that the route to providing truly great quality sound at large scale live music events was to design loudspeakers from scratch rather than buy someone else’s, a fledgling manufacturing operation emerged with a small portfolio of ground-breaking products, including the first modular full-range PA cabinets with real midrange: the TMS-3 – soon followed by the TMS-4, TMS-2, TMS-1 and TMS-5.

Turbo 2


Fast forward to today and we arrive at the new range of TURBOSOUND PA systems including the iX, iQ and iP Series, suitable for all small to medium scale productions (perfect for small duos to big bands and DJ setups).

OXYGEN MUSIC is proud to stock a wide range of Turbosound products.

*How to setup TURBOSOUND Systems video:

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