Electronic Drum Kits

Author: Oxygen Music   Date Posted:22 November 2016 

So the neighbours have turned ugly on you, the police have knocked on the door and issued you a warning about the noise and the space in your lounge to rehearse with your mates is at critical crushing point. We can help!


Electronic Drum Kits have come along way in recent years. The quality of sampled sounds, play-ability, response and durability have improved to the point where playing, practising, rehearsing and recording on electronic drum kits is an affordable, viable and worthwhile option. Oxygen Music stock a huge range of Electronic Drum Kits from leading brands such as Pearl EPro, Alesis, Yamaha and KAT Percussion. These brands offer the best value for money and have a huge range to suit all budgets and levels. For most drummers, the main reason for considering an electronic drum kit is for home practice without annoying other family members or the neighbours. Simply plug your headphones in and play anytime. If your a home recording enthusiast, you never know when a song idea strikes, so at 3am you can turn on the drum kit and lay down your tracks and never miss that inspiring moment again. How about rehearsing with mates on Monday night in the front room or shed? Electronic drum kits played through a small drum monitor will allow you to have a solid rehearsal without loads of volume. Teachers also love Electronic drum kits...hours of teaching drums every day won't be kind to your hearing, but an electronic drum kit will make the day a whole lot more bearable.

We have drum specialists on hand to point out all the best in electronic drum kits, show you a few options to suits your needs and budget and also help you with back up service anytime you need it.


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