New Duet Books from Hal Leonard

Author: Oxygen Music   Date Posted:18 May 2018 

This new series of books from Hal Leonard will help to inspire your brass and woodwind and strings students with Hit Songs, Broadway and Classical Themes arranged for intermediate duet.


Hal Leonard has just released a great new series of duet books for brass and woodwind and string players. Currently there are three titles in the series, “Broadway Songs for Two”, “Hit Songs for Two” and “Classical Themes for Two”. Arranged for intermediate players, these new books provide a mix of well known songs which make a fun change from regular practice.

One of the great features of these books is that you can mix two of the same family of instruments in the series, with each player having their own book—making them flexible for teachers to use with a range of students. For example, 2 flute players can share the same flute book, or you can use the clarinet and flute books together, or the saxophone and clarinet books together. Likewise, the violin and cello can be used together for any of these titles.

Learning to play as part of a duet or small ensemble is such a valuable experience for students, whether they are playing with their teacher or a friend. By playing It can help develop listening skills, waiting for cues and working together, a better sense of rhythm and adjusting their intonation as required. It can also be great for sight reading practice and importantly developing a sense of confidence and achievement. 


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